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The pandemic, the riots, the protesting. It's a big mess.

Although times are hard for all of us right now, it's a reminder that we are all in this together. It doesn't matter what team we are on from Fire fighters, Paramedics, Police and Dispatchers, this is a remember that we are a world wide community. As if working with COVID-19 and trying to remain healthy wasn't bad enough, here we are in another fight. We are seen as bad, corrupt, against everyone and racists. All we can do is prove them wrong. Remain professional and remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep your mental health in check; we are still here for you.


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Sunday was a hard day for everyone in my department. We had an officer, an old co-worker of mine, take his own life. I don't know the circumstances around why, but we will never understand why. We


Hey all, With everything going on in the world today, everyone running crazy from this virus that is now world wide, you and I both know we have so much more we're dealing with on the home front. We,

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